Monday, April 21, 2008

Daggerfall strikes Lego Star Wars!

One of the things I like doing is playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii with Danica, and one night I managed to stumble on a bug in the game.

See, Daggerfall was a great fantasy roleplaying computer game that was released back in the 90s, and it foreshadowed great games like Morrowind. Gameplay in other FRPGs games were very linear, as your character literally was railroaded from one quest/fight scene to another. Daggerfall let you explore the world and would randomly generate thousands of little quests for your character to experience, and so it allowed you to do pretty much whatever you wanted. It was revolutionary in the 90s... but the game had so many software bugs, that after awhile, it was completely unplayable. As Wikipedia points out, one bug caused players running up stairs to fall through the terrain into a featureless black space. You'd be running one minute, and then falling into an infinite black hole the next.

Anyway, I just fell into the void while playing Lego Star Wars.

"Just where the heck am I?"

I was jumping down into a shaft which takes you to the end of the current game, and apparently I missed the floor and shaft and went in between them. My character fell through the floor and into the partially animated space underneath the gameplay area. I tried everything to get out, but eventually I had to concede that I was trapped in a portion of the game where characters aren't meant to be, and thus can't get out.

I dropped out of the game and reloaded, but that moment brought back all of those memories of playing Daggerfall. The best game in the world that I could never play.

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