Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Verve at the Warfield

Just got back from seeing The Verve and I had a damn good time.

The only problems were that the show started 30 minutes late and that the volume was cranked to 11. I mean, I love The Verve, but I also love my hearing as well. (Perhaps this is my age speaking for me...)

The doors opened at seven, I got there at 7:30, and even though the show was supposed to start at eight, the concert hall was a ghost town at 8:30. I was surprised that only a fifth of the seats were filled, but once the band started playing, people started pouring into the concert hall until the place was absolutely packed. I had a great seat on the balcony, so I had a great view of the entire show.

I felt sorry for Nick McCabe (the lead guitarist), as his equipment was constantly suffering technical problems, and one of the roadies/tech guys was constantly out on stage futzing with the zillion foot pedals at McCabe's feet and working on his guitar between songs. This added a few delays between songs, but the crowd was really into the show. Richard Ashcroft (who has a much shorter haircut and doesn't look like he has the same heroin-junkie physique) kept apologizing about the delays, saying that they were only human. Honestly, everyone was having a good time and didn't care.

More entertainingly, another stagehand kept running on stage, but to make sure that there was a glass of beer in front Simon Jones at all times.

Anyway, the show was very good and I was glad I got to see them again. They were definitely more coherent than the last time I saw them in SF, and Ashcroft wasn't begging the crowd to throw drugs onto the stage.

They played ten songs from Urban Hymns, three from A Northern Soul, none from A Storm in Heaven or any of the EPs, and at least one new song (possibly two).

  1. This Time (Urban Hymns)
  2. Sonnet (Urban Hymns)
  3. This is Music (A Northern Soul)
  4. Space & Time (Urban Hymns)
  5. Life is an Ocean (A Northern Soul)
  6. On Your Own (A Northern Soul)
  7. Weeping Willow (Urban Hymns)
  8. Second One Down (NEW)
  9. The Rolling People (Urban Hymns)
  10. Velvet Morning (Urban Hymns)
  11. The Drugs Don't Work (Urban Hymns)
  12. Lucky Man (Urban Hymns)
  13. Come On (Urban Hymns)
  14. Bittersweet Symphony (Urban Hymns)
  15. ??? (NEW)

I'm expecting The Verve is touring to test the waters for a new album and presumably another tour supporting it. That would be good news for me, because I'll buy tickets again whenever they come back.

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