Sunday, April 13, 2008


Another successful weekend of gaming. Friday was Runequest, where the PCs are part of a criminal syndicate, similar to the Corleone's in the Godfather. The previous few sessions included a gathering of members of the Endali family, granting promotions, favors, wheeling and dealing, etc. Mr Kolmok (their Boss) has been promoted and has now taken on the services of three new Capos. The current session was a chance for the PCs to interact with Kolmok's new henchmen, figure out their new goals, and prepare for their next mission.

Saturday was Mutants and Masterminds. The PCs (along with two agents of Unison) broke into the headquarters of their archenemy, Victor Alexandros Jr. Victor turned out to be an extremely powerful psychic (with telepathy and mind-affecting powers), capable of fighting off both Shannon and Johnny with little challenge. Thomas and Bobbie-Sue tried helping, but Victor had Jason Morse (Shannon's brother) there to greet and fight the PCs. Unfortunately while Jason was powerful, luck was on the side of Thomas and Bobbie-Sue. By the time they managed to incapacitate Jason, Bobbie-Sue was able to join into the fight with Victor... who had just managed to knock Johnny down. Bobbie-Sue grappled Victor, while Shannon used the last of her strength to stun him. Bobbie-Sue tossed him through the time portal back to the future, Shannon collapsed and died, and all of the PCs (and the two UNISON agents) fled the scene. As they drove off, the explosives the UNISON agents set went off, and Victor Alexandros Jr. and his plan on change the future came to a crashing halt.

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