Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another game comes to a successful end

After fifteen months of weekly sessions, our Mutants and Masterminds campaign just game to an end. It was inspired by the Heroes TV show, and the following M&M books: Hero High, Agents of Freedom, and Paragons. The gist of the campaign was the that PCs were Jr. High School characters in a fictional city similar to Fort Bragg, California... suddenly discovering that they had superpowers and that there were forces at work trying to keep it silent and them under control. Between drama, homework, egos, evil villains from the future, and government agents from the present, we had a heck of a lot of fun.

The game really hit the "secret supers" vibe, which helped the game emulate "Heroes" and reinforce the tone of the game every session without having to resort to clumsy genre mechanics. The game stayed true to what we wanted, and didn't drift off and become a different style of game. (Kinda like when vampire chronicles about losing your humanity mutate into political wrangling which then mutate into some bad Highlander sequel...) That in itself really helped everyone to get into the game and the players didn't find out that any of their characters skills or feats had become useless.

As for powers, the PCs were "street level" supers (PL6 that became PL7 halfway through the game), so it was't like they were tossing around vast cosmic power... however thy clearly had powers that put them in the advantage over any individual adult or agent. (For example, one PC could turn insubstantial.) Beyond one villain and his henchman, the PCs never encountered any other supers like themselves. The real antagonists were agents who had some funky technology, and given the tone of the game the PCs did their best not to just cut loose with their powers and were very judicious in their use.

The game was less "smash the villain of the week" but more focused on investigation and going through life as a Jr. High School student who has to balance, homework, homecoming, and heroism while coping with the secret side of their small town community. Unlike most other games where the players have adults PCs with funky powers or skills, the players got to experience a level of powerlessness that come with being a teenager. Such are the joys of fighting evil, while dealing with homework, teachers, parents, curfew, and being suspended for two days for being in a fight on campus. We clearly aren't thirteen anymore, but my players had fun pretending again. :)

Alas, all things came to an end, and it had a very successful resolution for the players. Mission accomplished, and all that.

Now that the game is over, the players have stamped off on my suggestion to run a GURPS: Dungeon Fantasy campaign next. Now I have a week to finalize my drafts of the campaign and get ready for the character creation process next week. Fun fun!

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