Saturday, May 17, 2008

Barduum - Physical Characteristics

Barduum is a mountainous island, filled with forests, lakes, tundra, volcanos, and glaciers. Fjords punctuate its extensive coastline, which is also where many towns are situated due to the island’s interior, a cold and nearly uninhabitable combination of mountains and glaciers. Since most races prefer building their communities near the coastline, Dwarven communities are often the only settlements in Barduum’s interior due to their cities reaching deep underground, however Gnome communities are burrowing deeper and deeper into the moutains near New Corrone.

The climate of Barduum’s coast is cold, although a warm ocean current helps provide mild windy winters and damp and cool summers. There are some variations in the climate between different parts of the island. Very generally speaking, the south coast is warmer, wetter and windier than the north. Low-lying inland areas are surrounded by mountains, and are often the most arid. Snowfall in winter is more common in the north than the south.

Average temperatures in Barduum range from 60 degrees in the summer to 22 degrees in the winter, with an yearly average of 47 degrees. New Carronne experiences snowfall for four to five months out of the year, while the heart of the Kzhabar Empire on the southern shores typically only has a three months of sporadic snowfall.

Approximately half of the island consists of mountains and tundra that are largely barren of vegetation; with the other half filled with thick forests and grasslands.

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