Sunday, May 18, 2008

Independent City States

Erluerr: A community of Wolfen, with a number of human, gnome and wood elf settlers. Erlueer grew out of the Wolfen Range and serves as a trading post for the nomadic bands that live a hunting and gathering life around the enclave. During the last six months, war bands Goblin-kin have traveled from the north and started attacking those outside of Erluerr. (pop. 10,000)

Juserin: An isolated farming community that made up of humans, halfings, wolfen and goblins. Caronnian settlers that originally traveled to this area were welcomed by a small group of goblins that had farmed the land for centuries. As Juserin grew, the number of Caronnian's outstripped the native goblins, and now power firmly lies in the hands of the humans and halfings that maintain the thriving city. Humans (and wolfen) tend to have the most control over Juserin's army and city guards, while most of the businesses and the communities wealth are managed by Halflings. The wealthiest Halfings in Juserin manage breweries, taverns, bakeries, inns, gambling halls. Numerous craftsmen throughout the city owe money to wealthy Halflings who loaned them the money to start successful businesses.

Two years ago large numbers of Wood and High Elves have migrated to the south and into communities in Juserin. When they first arrived there were a number of fights and between the goblin and elven communities (largely sparked by elves), however the citizens of Carronian descent in Juserin quickly came to the side of their goblin neighbors. Elves were told in no uncertain words that they either help and defend everyone in Juserin, or they would be forced to leave. Racial tensions have recently begun to settle down, mainly due to the fact that the elves are helping the community to fight the attacks from Orcs that have recently started plaguing the community. (pop. 11,000)

Tordama: Tordama is a community of elves, wolfen and humans that has been built upon the ruins of an ancient dwarven city. While residents harvest quality timber from the surrounding forests and unearth good clay from a large quarry, the city has benefited from wealthy explorers seeking to enter the tunnels that stretch from the ancient dwarven ruins deep into the underdark. They pay well for supplies, but few have ever returned. Those who few who return bring back tales of riches guarded by traps and the terrible creatures that have moved into ancient dwarven homes. Unfortunately, the few roads entering Tordama have recently been plagued by goblin-kin raiders, leaving merchants to pay handsomely to those who can guard their shipments to Gartevas or Erluerr. (pop. 12,000)

Gartevas: The city is built in an area of good farming land, but has suffered from strange monsters coming out of the woods, and bandits preying on people traveling on the roads around the city. The arrival of strange monsters has been happening for at least two years, and people have done everything to stop the problem. Recently a group of citizens have vocally blamed their problems on the gods, and a group of angry citizens have driven several priests out of town. The community (which comprises of human, halan, halfling and gnomes) has become bitterly divided about the problem. While the roads to Gartevas have been be filled with bandits, merchants haul cargo to and from the city from ships, keeping the city financially secure. (pop. 8,000)

Thassayan: This peaceful fishing community is immediately between three fueding kingdoms: the Vanarum Clans, the Sangkara Kingdom, and the Wood Elves of the Cyspar Forest. Despite this, the community is well protected by a powerful circle of druids that reside in the wilderness near Thassayan. Those who have attacked the communities have found the roads swallowed by the woods, sharp thorns growing on branches, and hostile creatures prowling the forest. In this environment, humans, sea elves, high elves, halan, and halfings live a peaceful life in harmony with nature, oblivious to the surrounding strife, and allied to the Elven Kingdom of Cyspar Forest. (pop. 10,500)

Mirenze: This mining community was build on the ruins of an old dwarven mine. Veins of gold and silver have made Mirenze a boomtown filled with overprotective prospectors, ambitious dreamers, and conmen attracted to large sums of money. Humans, dwarves, gnomes, orcs and mountain elves live together in an atmosphere of mutual respect… and competition. Those from Mirenze are fiercely independent, and outsiders preying on one can bring many of the others out to protect their own, regardless of race.

Recently, all activity in a nearby gold mine has come to a complete standstill, as monsters from the underdark have moved into the mine from deep underground and have killed any who dare enter. Several expeditions from the militia of Mirenze have gone into the gold mine to crush the threat, but none have ever returned. A group of prospectors have recently pooled their wealth in order to pay adventurers to liberate the mine, but all who have accepted have encountered the same fate as the militia... (pop. 6,500)

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