Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Advantage: Wands / Holy Symbol

New Advantage: Wands / Holy Symbol
2 points/level

Each level of the Wand or Holy Symbol advantage provides an Energy Reserve (ER) with one fatigue point (FP) that you can only spend to cast spells of one type: clerical with ER (Holy), druidic with ER (Druidic), or wizardly with ER (Magical). You can’t otherwise expend ER as FP, and external events that drain FP never deplete ER. Your ER recharges separately from FP at 1 point/10 minutes, no matter what you’re doing. The appropriate Recover Energy spell accelerates this as usual.

Wands and Holy Symbols have the following limitations: Magic -10% (FP only usable for spell casting); Can Be Stolen -15% (Thief must win a Quick Contest of ST with you); Breakable -10% (Size: 8” long [-6 Size Modifier]).

Wand can be repaired with the Thaumatology skill for wands, while Holy Symbols require the appropriate Religious Ritual skill. Every time it’s repaired it gains one minor quirk. Repairing them five times again a crippling quirk. Most of quirks will be peculiar, arbitrary limitations on how the item can recharge (e.g., only while bathed in bat blood) or how it can be used (e.g., only on Fire spells; only when targeting dwarves; etc.). A severe quirk affects the user of the item (e.g., renders him mute for an hour).

The spell caster can only have one Wand or Holy Symbol or use one that belongs to another. If a wizard purchases a new Wand or Holy Symbol, he must determine which one he can use. Purchasing this advantage assumes that the character already has a Wand or Holy Symbol. Replacing this Wand or Holy Symbol costs the same as an equivalent Power Item, does not come with any quirks, and does not cost any additional character points. Wands or Holy Symbols must be purchased from an Enchanter (say from their temple, guild, or whatever).

A spell caster can have a Wand or Holy Symbol as well as a Power Item, but they cannot be the same physical object.

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