Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Vanarum Clans

The Vanarum Clans are small kingdom founded and ruled by an alliance of wealthy Gnome clans. Their territory includes a large number of useful resources, ranging from prime grazing land in Strandberg, thick forests in Endewald, and rich mines in Vanarum.

While there are a large number of Gnomes in the kingdom, they no longer comprise the majority of the population. The clans are renowned as a source of skilled craftsmen and bustling marketplaces. This wealth has attracted a large number of non-Gnomes to work, settle, and prosper in the kingdom. These races are treated fairly by the clans and many have great influence within their communities. Despite this, the highest positions of power within the clans are limited to Gnomes born from a noble family.

Endewald: Timber and forestry is the primary source of wealth in Endewald, however the recent discovery of iron ore has seen more wealth enter the community. Beyond halflings, humans and gnomes, a small enclave of High Elves from Cyspar forest and a community of dwarven miners have recently settled in Endewald. (pop. 13,000)

Strandberg: Strandberg is surrounded by pastures and good grazing land. The community makes it’s wealth from herding cattle and raising horses. The city is also renown for it’s tanneries and highly-skilled leatherworkers. While the community is ruled by the gnomish clans, there is a large mix of all races, including small enclaves of dwarves, halflings, and goblins. (pop. 13,000)

Vanarum: At the end of a valley filled with farms and villages, lies the city of Vanarum, the capitol of the clans. The city is not only on the surface, but its streets and shops extend underground. Raw mineral wealth and highly skilled craftsmen man Vanarum a wealthy and populous community, which in turn help fund the armies of mercenaries that help protect all of the lands held by the clans. (pop. 18,500)

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