Friday, June 13, 2008

More good news

CNN has a new poll with interesting numbers. More bad news for Republicans, and an interesting bit on race. Democrats are more concerned about electing a black man than Republicans are. Most likely because the Democrats have a hell of a lot riding on Obama and are probably fearful of losing what could be the easiest presidential election in memory simply due to his race...

In the battle for Congress, 54 percent of those questioned say they would vote for the Democrat in their congressional district, with 44 percent saying they'd vote for the Republican candidate.

"Democrats lead Republicans by 10 points in the congressional vote. At this point in 2006, the Democratic lead was seven points. Democrats went on to win a landslide in 2006," Schneider said.

Another question hovering over this year's campaign: Race. Forty-two percent say Obama's race will make it more difficult for him to get elected, with 57 percent disagreeing.

"That concern is higher among Democrats, at 48 percent, than Republicans, at 36 percent," Schneider said.

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