Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The primary ends tonight

As of this post, Obama is twelve delegates away from the nomination and should have it in the bag by the end of the night.

Hillary was 202 delegates behind Obama before the DNC rules committee added in Florida and Michigan three days ago. That and Puerto Rico gave her a whopping 28 delegates and placed her 174 delegates behind. Now on the eve of the Montana and South Dakota primaries (where 31 delegates are up for grabs), Obama has grabbed at least 19 more superdelegates, including some who switched from Clinton to Obama.

Obama now has 2106 delegates (1749 pledged & 357 super delegates) and has twelve to go.

Assuming no more superdelegates declare for Obama today, polls show him gaining eight delegates from Montana and five from South Dakota. That would put him one delegate past the finish line... assuming the polls remain accurate (ha!) and superdelegates stop endorsing him.

In short, the primary is ending and now all eyes are on Clinton to see how she reacts to the defeat of her "inevitable" nomination.

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