Friday, July 11, 2008

China, Russia veto U.N. sanctions against Zimbabwe

I just read this in the Los Angeles Times

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin framed his country's veto as an expression of opposition to a larger trend of Western countries trying to intervene in domestic matters under the guise of protecting international security, as with Myanmar and Sudan.

In Zimbabwe's case, he said, sanctions would only undermine mediation efforts led by South Africa.

"This resolution is nothing but an attempt to interfere in the internal matters of Zimbabwe," he said.

Well no shit, sherlock.

Sanctions wouldn't have just been a step in trying to deal with Mugabe, but now even that's off the table. At this point, the only option left is for starving citizens of Zimbabwe to rise up in a bloody civil war and be butchered in the thousands in order to try removing a dictator that apparently the African Union and the UN are cool with having in power.

It's hard to imagine, but hanks to China and Russia, the situation in Zimbabwe is just going to continue to get worse.

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