Monday, July 28, 2008


Eric, the kids and I had a fantastic time at the Exploratorium today. To celebrate his birthday, Eric wanted us to go, as the two of us really enjoyed ourselves when our parents took us there. Last time we went, Danica was barely three years old and Kira was an infant. Now that they are seven and five, it was the perfect time to go back. Below are a few photos that I took:

One of the exhibits focused on how your brain reacts when items that are acceptable to you are presented in an unacceptable format... such as drinking from a perfectly fine water fountain that happens to be in the shape of a toilet...
What amazed us was that Kira simply walked up, took a few long drinks and when she noticed that a few people in the crowd were uncomfortable with it, she looked at me and clearly said that she had no idea why people in the crowd looked uncomfortable. On the flip side, Danica, didn't exactly embrace the drinking fountain toilet. :) I guess once Kira hits elementary school, she'll be instructed in the miracle of shame...

The kids with Eric

Kira and Eric hamming it up

Kira wishing the tree the best of luck

Happy sisters

"What does this do?!?"

Kira draws a picture of me

I mentioned how much I love this sign to Eric, and he said that it's pretty obvious if you spend any time on the internet...

When the kids and I drove home, I decided to take them down the windy road on Lombard Street. There was one hell of a wait there, however we got to go down and have fun. Unfortunately, that dropped us off on Columbus street, which was packed due to some party that was being held in a local park. A lot of time passed before we made it through downtown and near the entrance to the Bay Bridge, however I got pulled over by SFPD right before driving out of town. Apparently the car pool lane was actually a bus only lane. I had no idea, but considering how many times I've broken the law and gotten away with it, I have no problems helping the city out with police-delivered taxes.

Despite the ticket, my brother managed to deliver probably the best Sunday the kids and I have had in quite awhile. Now we can't wait for the California Academy of Sciences to open back up on my birthday!

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