Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fremont Fourth of July Parade!

Here are a bunch of photos that Sierra (Marc's daughter) and I took of the Fremont Fourth of July parade that just happened to be one block away from our house! Woo hoo! Great seats and fun time had by all.

The kids had a fun time waving flags and cheering the crowd. Someone was handing out flags for free, but there was a very old veteran who was selling a flags... so I bought them from him. IMO, holidays like this are for support veterans, rather than looking for free lunches.

Anyway, on with the shots!

Sierra with the kids

One of the many groups of Scouts in the parade

The ACE hardware store had a cool group of people in balloons

The Sikh community (as well as a ton of other minority groups in Fremont) were very well represented. These guys are Sikh Saint Soldiers, showing off sword fighting and other fun bits.

Pirates during the fourth! The Pirates of Emerson had a great float. I love pirates and pirate themed stuff (we have a pirate store three blocks from my house), however I'm always amazed that murders and criminals from four hundred years ago are romanticized. Makes you wonder how Al Queda will be viewed in 2500 AD...

Just one of the cool pirate outfits from the Pirates of Emerson.

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