Thursday, July 17, 2008

McCain's flawed logic in Iraq

Given how tightly he is wrapping himself in the flag, McCain is clearly choking off the flow of blood to his brain. Quotes from a recent Reuters article.

On his bus, [McCain] said he hoped Obama will listen not only to commanders on the ground in the two war zones but also to the troops.

"They'll tell him they don't want to be defeated," McCain said. "They'll tell him that the surge has succeeded," he said, referring to President George W. Bush's 2007 troop buildup.

"They'll tell him that we're winning this war, will win it, if we don't do what he wants to do, which is to set a date for withdrawal."

Will they tell him (and remind John McCain again) that the Iraqi government has publically asked us for a timetable for withdrawal?

Bush made it very clear that Iraq is a sovereign nation and that we would leave when they asked us to. Bush and McCain dragging their feet when the Iraqi government specifically asks us for a timetable for withdrawal is more concerning to me than Obama talking about pulling the majority of the troops out of Iraq 16 months after being elected.

That said, I'm glad McCain repudiated the comments of his own communications director:

... McCain said he was glad Obama was making the trip, disagreeing with his communications director, Jill Hazelbaker, who told the Fox News Channel:

"Let's drop the pretense that this is a fact-finding trip and call it what it is: the first of its kind campaign rally overseas."

Clearly McCain realizes this isn't a first of its kind campaign rally overseas. He hasn't forgotten that he just traveled to Canada, Mexico and Columbia in the past few weeks, and during those visits he repeatedly attacked Obama in his speeches and trying to highlight his foreign policy experience.

Then again, what can you expect from an attack dog campaign surrogate on Fox News?

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