Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Minutemen at the Fourth of July Parade

I live in Fremont, which is a really diverse community. There were Sikhs, Taiwanese, Hispanic, Scots, Celtic-pride groups, etc.

So I was surprised to see the Golden Gate chapter of the Minutemen at the parade. These are the guys who are guarding the border to prevent the evil Mexican horde from taking over our nation and causing the US to lose our sovereignty to the dastardly Mexican government...

Anyway, what was even more annoying is that marching alongside of them was a man with a bullhorn who was literally ranting about god knows what. Racism, the borders, etc. Most of the folks around just shook their head and was annoyed by Minutemen... however when he walked past me, I noticed he was carrying a sign with Che Guevara on it and text about worker rights emblazoned on it. This dude wasn't a Minuteman, but was actually a protester bitching about them. In one hand, I have no sympathy for the message of the Minutemen, but on the other hand I thought it was pretty jacked up that the protester was really preventing them from expressing their free speech and right to march in a parade. Almost everyone I talked to thought the annoying protester was with the Minutemen, and didn't recognize or notice Guevara's picture.

I only wished I wasn't swapping my camera batteries at the time, as I missed getting a photo of it.

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