Friday, July 18, 2008

Watchmen movie!

I had heard they were doing a movie based on the Watchmen comic, but I had no expectations of it's quality... until I saw the trailer.

Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian in Vietnam killing the VC. Anti-Vigilante Riots. Nixon as the president. The Comedian being given flight lessons. Dr. Manhattan creating his "fortress of solitude" on Mars. It's rated R and not dumbed down to PG-13!

Holy crap! This looks amazing!

Lord knows how faithful it's going to be to the book, but I'm sure as hell going to watch it. The only thing that sticks out as unusual is that the guy they got to do Ozymandius in the movie doesn't look much like the one in the comic. Given that the trailer appears to be showing important scenes that all appeared in the comic, I'm not too worried about it.

Comic Ozymandius:

Movie Ozymandius:

Man, March 2009 can't come quick enough! :)

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