Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's amazing what McCain will do to dodge a debate

Even if it appears to be driving our country closer to a depression.

First, it appears that the Republicans and Democrats have come to an agreement over the bill which will be the difference between depression and recession. Then, John McCain decides to look like a maverick by showing up and "rescuing" the meeting which apparently the banking committee (who is in charge of these negotiations) has apparently resolved everyone's issues. Ie, he is showing up just in the nick of time to show up for the photo op, even though he is part of the crew that caused this mess through massive deregulation of our markets... Unfortunately, his appearance did exactly what people said it would do and injected election year politics into the most important financial decision in our lifetime. Now the Republicans have largely pulled out of the agreement and want to spend some time coming up with alternative measures.

I expected the Republicans to deep-six a bipartian desire to save the country, but I find it even more ironic to hear them say "Country First" while they are doing it.

Lord, I can't wait until I can cast my vote for Obama.

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