Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack's Infomercial

I didn't see it on TV, because I was working. I checked it out on YouTube and liked what I saw. I guess I'm a creature of the 21st century, because I don't really watch television but instead spend my time reading and watching things online. The $3+ million dollars spent on TV stations didn't reach me, but I realize that I'm a minority in this country. Lots of folks are glued to the tube, and while they might surf away when they saw him talking, it was there for those willing to watch. More importantly, it was posted to YouTube for those of us who didn't see it on the small screen.

All in all, I liked it. It took all the important policy actions he laid out during the Democratic Convention and framed them in terms that can better grasped by most people. (ie, how it applies to their daily lives.)

Of course, I'm biased. I've been supporting Obama since before that first Democratic caucus on January 3rd... all the way back before last summer when he started laying the groundwork for taking on Hillary Clinton, and all the way back in 2005 when I first saw him on the Charlie Rose interview that Robin saw and encouraged me to watch.

I'm looking forward to casting my vote for Barack Obama again, and I sincerely hope that this man is going to be the next President of the United States. He's not going to solve all our problems, and he has some stances that I don't agree with, but honestly, I'm sick of voting for my fears. I see in Obama the chance for something great... yet the cynic in me understands that if he fails to rise to the challenge, then this country will tear him apart and discard him like the rubbish of previous failed presidents. So it should be. More importantly, I believe the he knows this and that his his ego as well as his sense of compassion will keep him on the path. If not, his party will be destroyed in the midterm elections and he'll be crushed in the next four years. If so, I'll be right there with the pitchforks and burning torches. IMO, if you fail to deliver, then Americans will choose someone else who can. If you ever needed evidence of this, just check out how McCain and the Republican party are doing, given the complete failure of the Republicans to manage the country. Who knows? Perhaps Obama and the Democrats will be in the same position in four to eight years. Then again, perhaps he can provide a better future for my children. Given the alternative that McCain/Palin are offering me, I don't see any reason not to give Barack Obama that chance.

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