Saturday, October 18, 2008 on ACORN

So, what does have to say about ACORN?

But so far ACORN itself has not been officially charged with any fraud. Aside from the heated charges and counter-charges, no evidence has yet surfaced to show that the ACORN employees who submitted fraudulent registration forms intended to pave the way for illegal voting. Rather, they were trying to get paid by ACORN for doing no work. Dan Satterberg, the Republican prosecuting attorney in King County, Wash., where the largest ACORN case to date was prosecuted, said that the indicted ACORN employees were shirking responsibility, not plotting election fraud.

[A] joint federal and state investigation has determined that this scheme was not intended to permit illegal voting.

Instead, the defendants cheated their employer, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (or ACORN), to get paid for work they did not actually perform. ACORN's lax oversight of their own voter registration drive permitted this to happen. ... It was hardly a sophisticated plan: The defendants simply realized that making up names was easier than actually canvassing the streets looking for unregistered voters. ..

So much for McCain's comment about how ACORN is "destroying the fabric of democracy". What's obvious about the Republicans and ACORN is that they are seeing the handwriting on the electoral college vote wall and blaming ACORN is a convenient way of ignoring the fact that they are losing the support of the American public.

I'd like to believe otherwise, but I've seen how the Democrats responded to the 2000 and 2004 election, and I am no illusions that the Republicans would act any differently than the other side of the isle.

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