Friday, October 31, 2008

Straight talk

It's a bad sign for McCain when Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota and Ohio are battleground states. It's even an worse sign when McCain would still lose the election even if he won every single one of them.

The polls have been consistently showing Obama beyond the margin of error in states like Colorado and Virginia, and it becomes increasingly more likely that Pennsylvania not voting for Obama is about as likely as McCain gaining electoral votes from the state of Fantasy Land.
McCain's best case scenario (as of right now) is tilting all of the battleground state polls 7% to McCain's favor. If he can pull that off, then the EV count would be Obama 264 and McCain 269, with whomever wins Nevada being the next president of the United States. If those key states only shift 6%, then Obama gets 291 EVs, compared to McCain's 247.
It's not looking good for that team of mavericky mavericks...

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