Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Campaign Candidates - Part I

The Night Watch
(Supernatural Cops)
The PCs are investigators in the modern world who maintain the veil of secrecy between the mundane and supernatural. The Night Watch takes it upon themselves to not only help supernaturals in trouble, but to police the degenerate and unstable creatures who prey upon humanity and threaten to provoke a new bloody inquisition. The organization fears that mortals will discover the supernatural and upset the status quo, but they cannot be everywhere and they do not have unlimited resources. With occasional support from their superiors, the PCs have been assigned their beat, relying on their own skills and wits, performing their role as police, crime scene investigators, judge, jury, troubleshooters and problem solvers.

Northern Crown
(Colonial Adventures)
The PCs have sailed across the ocean to the distant shores of a new world filled with unknown denizens, strange magic, riches and dangers. The characters will be residents of one of the Old World colonies that now dot this new land, one of several groups that have traveled to the new world for riches, fame, faith and/or freedom. Tension between factions within the community as well as relations between neighboring colonies will receive a lot of focus in the game, as well as exploring the unknown, dealing with natives, pirates, and bandits. As members of the colony, the PCs will have a voice in what decisions that the new community makes, as they can attempt influencing the factions and help chart the direction the colony will develop.

Agents of Freedom
(Agents vs. Supers)
Someone going face-to-face with a villain armed only with a blaster pistol is just as much a hero as those guys wearing spandex. Courage is courage, and agents in a world of superhumans have it by the boatload. The PCs will be part of UNISON, the United Nations International Superhuman Oversight Network. They are investigators attached to major crime organizations such as Interpol, assisting in tracking superhuman criminals and extra-dimensional and extra-terrestrial threats around the globe. Elsewhere, they are a peacekeeping and fighting force, with a mandate to prevent superhumans from stealing political power. It is about bad guys who are genuine threats to democracy and how an odd bunch of ragtag agents band together to stop them. It is about one of the biggest threats to the world and their plans for conquest. And it is about you, the heroic men and women who will stand directly in the path of their nefarious schemes and stop them dead in their tracks!

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