Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Campaign Candidates - Part II

Wastelands Reborn
(Serious Post-Apocalyptic)
Hundreds of years have passed since the Fires of Heaven destroyed human civilization and created a new world. Scattered settlements have arisen from the ashes, growing into small nations that have been separated from one another by a savage frontier filled with wastelands and ruins. As the years have passed, contact between the new nations has been more successful and trade has begun to flourish again. While centuries of isolation has turned into cautious interaction, more and more young people start to dream of a unified and rebuilt civilization. Despite these dreams for the future are the old fears of the horrors that come when greedy leaders wish to take the wealth and resources of others in order to make themselves stronger. The campaign is post-apocalyptic with a very gritty and serious feel to it. While there will be non-humans, unusual mutations and strange powers, the tone of the game will not be a campy Gamma World game with psychic rabbits, but closer in spirit to NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind.

Thousand Suns
(Sci-Fi Exploration)
Barely two decades after the faster-than-light drive was invented, mankind has not only taken to the stars, but has left mining outposts and colonies in its wake. While corporations will be busy for years developing and profiting from these new worlds under their control, the governments of Earth realize that they need to not only provide assistance to the off-world colonies, but contact with other space-faring alien civilizations has made exploring further into the unknown a high priority. The PCs will be part of the crew of a long-range starship, whose primary mission is exploration, research, defense and diplomacy.

The Infinite Prison
(Surreal Occult)
The characters are occult researchers who have recently awakened and discovered that arcane rituals can change their very destiny. While filled with good intentions, they ultimately begin using their new talents for more selfish ends. Papers being published in prestigious journals. Inheriting money from unknown - but wealthy - relatives. Access to certain tomes in forbidden libraries. For a period of time, it seemed like rituals only resulted in good fortune for the characters... but that changed after accepting an invitation to the Batell Mansion, a place rumored to be filled with supernatural lore and occult rituals. Unfortunately, only after entering the mansion did the characters realize that their luck had suddenly run out. The mansion is an unconventional prison-like environment. No door or window seems to lead outside, and rooms and hallways shift and change over time. The mansion appears to expand as the characters explore, and corridors and rooms don't map to any earthly geography. The prison is also a place where strange phenomena and occult powers wax and wane with the passing hour, occasionally threatening the safety of the inhabitants of the mansion. Worse, the characters are not the only prisoners, and some are more than willing to fight over the scarce resources available. The only option for the characters is to escape... but how?

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