Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Campaign Candidates - Part III

(Modern Action and Espionage)
Characters are capable spies working for a secret global defense organization called "The Agency." This intelligence directorate sends character teams on missions at trouble spots all over the globe, striving to thwart the objectives of criminal masterminds and evil geniuses everywhere. These missions take the agents on a wide variety of incredible adventures - from high-speed boat chases in Camron Bay to treks through the jungles of Kenya to infiltrations through Siberian military compounds - with downtime in the form of luxurious getaways to Monaco, Casablanca, and other romantic hotspots. A typical game might feature elements of high society politics, urban tension, government intrigue, wilderness exploration and survival, hightech gadgetry, and battlefield dominance all at once, sometimes even in the same mission! Spies travel the world, encounter strange and sometimes terrifying situations, engage in over-the-top pursuits, and use technology years or even decades ahead of its time. Spies have diverse and colorful backgrounds, and well rounded abilities allowing them to become part conspirator, part soldier, part criminal, and part outlaw hero during any mission. Most agents are competent troubleshooters, recruited for their natural talent or voracious devotion, but retained fortheir personal strength and style. The agents' enemies are just as fantastic, commonly fielded by corrupt governments or corporations acting beyond and sometimes above the law. Most of these structures are eternal, too large even for The Agency to topple entirely, though the agents are their best shot.

The Isles of Jakandor
(Fantasy Exploration)
Decades have passed since the survivors from the nations of man fled the howling chaos which enveloped their homelands. The survivors that settled the many islands on the Sea of Jewels still tell tales of the Great King, a Spirit Talker who held together the alliance of men and ultimately led the people to safety when their homeland sunk deep beneath the waves. When the King died, the survivors splintered into squabbling communities, each claiming his legacy. They settled upon various islands and floating raft-towns, worked to provide for their descendants. Over time humans have cleared out and civilized a number of islands, however the majority are wild, unexplored, and dangerous. Humans have discovered that they are not the first to have settled in the Sea of Jewels, as the remnants of an ancient civilization abounds. Everywhere is evidence of sunken cities, stone ziggurats half submerged into the sea, crumbling ruins lost the jungles and swamp. Those who channel the spirits sense native vestiges that speak to them of ancient wisdom, while true namers search for words of power in long abandoned temples. Those who explore must be careful, as the spirits of the dead linger in these ancient ruins. Some scouts have returned from unexplored islands, speaking of natives who worship Gods of Death and master black necromantic arts. The PCs can be a variety of roles, ranging from explorers, scholars, soldiers, or adventurers sent to various communities to help provide aid, restore order, or deal with problems that beset the villagers and land.

The Price of Power
(Modern Occult)
"Magic" is a load of hogwash. Everyone knows that it is simply nonsense. People can't learn spells, powers, or possess magical senses. In fact, the only thing that "magicians" know is how to summon spirits and bind them to their will. That's all. Spirits are wonderfully versatile and ask for so little in exchange. Spirits of greed can give you money, while a spirit of ruin can cause firearms that are pointed at you to misfire. Spirits you have bound are easier to control, and someone else's bound spirit is harder, but failing to properly bind a spirit correctly can mean that it misinterprets or disobeys your commands, or even worse that it screws things up. In short, you play a person -- a normal person -- who knows how to summon and bind beings from beyond for personal purposes. The question is: can you handle it? Where do you draw the line when you see what other magicians are doing?

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