Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Campaign Candidates - Part IV

Freedom's Guard
(Fantasy Superheroes)
On the western rim of the Iron Sea the city of Freedom's Reach is home to one of the largest populations civilized man has gathered in the known world. Originally little more than a hastily constructed harbor built by ancient empire, the city stretches inland from the coast, along twin rivers to the spell-twisted foothills of the Blackfell Forest. The city is a thriving nexus of money, power and magic, and a frequent target for black hearted villains who seek to steal the wealth of Freedom's Reach for themselves. The city watch is often hard at work dealing with the scoundrels and thieves that prey upon merchants or stalk the streets, however there are threats that are beyond even their capacity to deal with. A small number of people possess magical talents. Those who possess this advantage can do so through a variety of means, such as enchanted artifacts, arcane spells, divine blessings, psionic talents, or by being a supernatural creature (such as a werewolf or vampire). These individuals find that few people can stop them, and this fact has led many to be ruled by the vanity and greed rather than their better natures. When those who possess these magical talents consider themselves above the rule of the local lord or the city guards, it is up to magical heroes to protect Freedom's Reach. This campaign is essentially a superhero campaign set in a fantasy environment, but follows standard comic conventions, and not fantasy ones. The PCs will have a supernatural schtick, such as an enchanted ring, magical spells, or be a werewolf, however so will the various villains and monsters who threaten the city!

The Fall of the Camarilla
(Historical Vampire)
Rome is crumbling and the Empire is near death. Wolves circle the gates, while the mystics claim that the gods have cursed the Camarilla as the prophecies have fallen silent. It's a time of chaos for the vampires of Rome, as the elders flee, entomb themselves deep in the earth, or go to watch the sunrise for the final time. In this anarchy, the PCs have been embraced and now walk the halls of the Necropolis. Set in the end of the Imperial Roman era, the characters are Roman citizens turned vampires, faced with options that were impossible for neonates to choose just decades ago. Do they rise up as heroes and defend the pagan Camarilla or are they instigators of the final collapse in order to gain power with the Lancea et Sanctum - the Christian Kindred that rule Byzantium? Do they take advantage of political opportunity to seize power and steer history, indulge in decadent escape unparalleled in modern nights, or simply bathe in the blood of their enemies?

(Swords and Sorcery)
Amid the desert wastelands lie scattered city states, each in the grip of tyrannical sorcerer-kings. Protecting their own positions with dark magic, they demand absolute obedience. Priest-templars enforce the will of the tyrants, while placating restless mobs with bread and circuses. Arenas overflow with spectators seeking release from the grim reality of their harsh lives. The land outside the cities belongs to no one. Gypsies travel across crumbling desert roads while insectoid savages satisfy their taste for blood. Slaves labor for their masters on projects beyond the scope of men, and those who have escaped their shackles form drifting communities, eventually to be consumed by the sandstorms. It is a land of deadly magic and powerful psionics that offers no promise of glory or peace. Those who don't have the cunning to carve out their destiny from this harsh life will surely perish - leaving nothing but bones bleached white under the blistering rays of a uncaring sky.

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