Thursday, November 13, 2008

New GM Screen

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This is the central logo of the agency.
The slogan is Amat victoria curam,
which means Victory favors those who take pains

I've been creating a roleplaying game campaign for the last few weeks and tonight I decided to make a custom GM screen for it. I did all the work on it tonight using Adobe Illustrator and a few vector graphics I've gathered up and tweaked.

The game would be be a modern occult "police procedural" style game. Think NYPD Blue meets the supernatural. The PCs will be assigned a city and told to maintain the peace and make sure that problems are solved. More importantly, they need to keep the mundanes in the dark as to what is going on behind the shadows...

Essentially, the PCs will bust the heads of those supernaturals (vampires, werewolves, mages, etc.) who really get out of line and threaten other supernaturals. That, and they will solve the problems of everyone else (ranging from mysteries to diplomacy). It's a crap job, but they have no choice. The characters pretty much get an offer they can't refuse...

The game will ge structured like a mortal hunters game, but with the PCs possessing their own supernatural powers, some agency support, and they also have to problem-solve issues for other supernaturals (like cops getting cats out of trees or intervening in domestic disturbances).
The PCs will have some supernatural powers of their own, but they won't be that overwhelming. They will be competent, but other trained humans (such as the FBI) can be a danger in this game as well.

A driving antagonist in the game will be non-supernatural human hunters, similar to the Inquisition in the World of Darkness. If the mundanes catch wind of what is happening with the supernaturals (such as encountering blood sucking vampires), the PCs will have to make sure that the Inquistion doesn't find out and or make the problem worse. If the situation blows up and grows out of control, the risk is that large numbers of mundanes could freak out and next thing you know every supernatural (even the ones minding their own business) are getting torched by the angry mob with pitchforks.

That is why the PCs exist. They are tasked with keeping the peace, and making sure that other supernaturals don't cross the line. The PCs will determine where the line is, and how to deal with situations as they come up. so long as they keep their nose clean as well as making sure that those other supernaturals who flip out don't attract the human hunters, the PC's employers will be happy.

In a way, the PCs are like the Aurors from Harry Potter, except they don't have much of a Ministry to call for backup.

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