Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The upcoming important election

No, not 2012 or anything dealing with American Politics. What has my interest is the upcoming vote by my Sunday game group regarding our new campaign! Our City of Theives Runquest campaign has just came to a successful conclusion, and when one game ends we hold an election to find the game to take its place.

Usually I draft up a list of campaigns concepts I'm interested in running, mainly from concepts that I've had on the backburner. I then give each campaign the "one paragraph" treatment, and then provide all of the descriptions to the players. The first step is marking their interest level in each game by using a simple 0-4 point system. (4 means they are excited about it, 3 means they are really interested, 2 is an acceptable replacement, 1 means that it doesn't interest them, but they would give it a shot, and 0 means that they wouldn't show up to game sessions if that's the game picked). After determining those scores, they then rank all of the games in order of interest. When they provide me their answers, I plug them into an excel sheet and compare which potential campaigns the group appears interested in, and eliminate games than any one member isn't interested in. (Anything marked with a 0 is off the list, and usually after comparing the votes, most games that have received a 1 are discarded. Usually we pick something that a few people are jazzed about, but most players are neutral about.)

This all happens by email, and I sent the "ballots" out last night at 3am. Hopefully, I get responses before the Friday session. On Friday night we'll get together and disect the numbers. We'll talk about the most likely candidates, and then go into a discussion about what game system to use.

Ironically, I've found that picking a game system is fairly easy for my group. Our "go to" games right now appear to be Mutants and Masterminds, True 20, Unisystem, nWoD, BRP (Cthulhu/MRQ), GURPS. We can kitbash any of these systems we like to run any setting we like, so the real trick is figuring out what setting is interesting. We don't care about the shape of the dice or whether they are called "advantages", "powers", or "feats", but instead they want an interesting game world where they can create and flesh out some dynamic characters. While the choice of game system can influence that, the reality of the situation is that individual gamers have a much bigger impact on roleplaying that systems do.

Anyway, I'm going to post the candidate campaigns to the blog and I'll post the results as I get 'em!

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