Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes we can!

Obama 364, McCain 174

So much for predictions! Barack Obama landed 83 votes more than my pessmistic prediction, and was fourteen electoral votes shy of my "overly optimistic" scenario. (Good thing I don't do this professionally...)

Of the four EV poll tracking sites I monitor, only one was close: Electoral Vote.com. It was eleven votes off, but that was because they declared Missouri a tossup state... and as of this posting, it's still considered a tossup state.

What's ironic was how off it was in 2004. It blew the EV count on that poll, but Election Projection (a site ran by a Christian evengelical) nailed the Kerry/Bush vote within three votes. So, I was surprised to notice that the situation was reversed four years later, as it was off by 24 votes. It's close... but that's the same amount of votes that eight states can generate (AK, DE, DC, MT, ND, SD, VT & WY).

So now what? Robin is probably going to be happy that I'm no longer obsessing about the race... but honestly now the best part of the race begins. Not only do we get to watch (and praise and complain) President-Elect Obama tackle the disaster that Bush has left us, but I get to dive head first into the endless analysis and deconstruction of the campaigns. What worked and what didn't, not just in the Obama campaign, but more interestingly in the McCain campaign. I'm really looking forward to the yet-unwritten book which deconstructs exactly what McCain and his campaign was thinking...

So while the future is going to be interesting, I get to laugh, cry and shout triumphantly into the heavens tonight. My candidate won... and not just a candidate that I cast my vote for, but one that I honestly believed and really wanted to get into office. I believe Obama has a great opportunity in front of him, and I'm glad to see that he is poised to do the right thing. It's only time that will show how he handles the upcoming trials and tribuations in the world. I have no idea if he will shine or stumble and fall, but I know that right now, I'm filled with optimism for the future and what we as a nation can accomplish.

Yes we can!

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