Monday, January 12, 2009

Comedy Gold

(NYT) "Mr. Bush said he was not certain why he had become so divisive. “I don’t know why they get angry,” he replied to a question about those who disagreed with his policies so vehemently that it became personal. “I don’t know why they get hostile.” He added that he had learned not to pay attention."
Gee, do you think the two things are related?

Where have I heard this before

(BBC) "... senior Hamas leader and former Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya stated in a televised address from a secret location in Gaza that the group was "approaching victory".

"I tell you that after 17 days of this foolish war, Gaza has not been broken and Gaza will not collapse," he said.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My favorite Rock Band 2 song

"Conventional Lover", Speck

Who left you hanging on that peg all alone
You look near mint to me babe and I wanna make you my own
I wanna be your captain, my Pon Farr is a-risin’
So step on over here girl, my love is enterprisin'

Let me be your conventional lover
Let me show you some conventional love
I don't mean to boast, I don't mean to brag (ooh love long and prosper)
But I'm a man whose only issues all come in mylar bags

Let me be your conventional lover
Let me give you my conventional love I'll give you my heart,
I'll treat you nice (ooh love long and prosper)
And the games that I play only have twenty-sided dice
They're polyhedral!

Let's hit the dealer's room and you something fine
That collectors bust of Cthulhu reminds me of how you blow my mind
Now let me take you dancing in my best Starfleet dress uniform
You'll want to tap my mana once you’ve seen me perform



And when we get to mating, I'll always treat you kind
I'll never bend you too far back or ever crease your spine
But there's one thing I won't promise, there's one thing I won't do
Can't leave you in the box babe, this collector is coming through


Let me be your conventional lover
Let me give you my conventional love
I'll give you my heart, I'll treat you fine
And I'll make sweet love to you while we're watching Deep Space Nine

Best. Headline. Ever.

Now probably a ‘bad time’ for Jeb to run for W.H.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – His son hasn’t left the White House yet, but former president George H. W. Bush is already thinking about the next Bush who might one day move in. The elder Bush says his oldest son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, has all the qualities necessary to occupy the Oval Office.

“I’d like to see him run, I’d like to see him be president some day,” the nation’s 41st chief executive declared on “Fox News Sunday.” He is “as qualified and as able as anyone I know in the political scene."

However, the senior Bush acknowledged, “Right now is probably a bad time, because we've got enough Bushes in there.”


God lord, I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time.