Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fast Times during a Down Economy

It's interesting seeing that despite the rollcoaster ride, I'm insanely busy at work... and have very little time to check the net, Facebook or the blog. We went from a dead period for a few months, which we were busy trying to complete all the task we've ignored since we were last busy. After the calendar year changed, most of the clients we deal with started issuing RFPs and RFQs, and so we went from zero to seven proposals crossing my desk in no time flat. Of course, virtually every submittal has the envitable presentation preparation section, where I make posters, animations, power point shows, and where I practically live in Photoshop working with aerial photography.

So, while I'm working late nights, I'm watching news of the economy going south... and I consider myself a very lucky guy to have a stable job with a firm showing signs of growth. Heck, my company is flying me out to their corporate HQ next week, so I'll have a night or two running about Manhatten having a good time.... like having a hotel room about two blocks from the Complete Strategist, a game store in New York. :)

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