Saturday, May 2, 2009

200th post spent complaining about the GOP. What else is new?

Since I'm no fan of one party rule (even my own), I keep hoping the GOP will pull themselves back from irrelevancy. The problem is they keep coming up with more public relations schemes rather than addressing the fundamental issues facing the country and their party. If they can't address those, then the only way they will get back into power is that they become as bad as the Republicans became under Bush. I don't want another failed administration in charge of my nation, so I'm hoping the Republicans will regain their focus and present coherent ideas

Unfortunately, the National Council for a New America initiative is their latest attempt at PR spin.

You would think that Republicans don't need more PR spin, but rather they need ideas that resonate with the voters, but apparently it's simply easier to ignore the fact that they doubled the national debt from $5B under Clinton to $10B under Bush, and now they are full of righteous indignation that Obama has take it to $12B. Their credibility on this issue is slim to non-existant, but they do have a legitmate concern regarding increased debt. Of course, the only solution they mention is "smaller government", but the National Council for a New America certainly doesn't give us anything other than slogans about what "smaller government" really looks like.

For instance, if you are for smaller government, then tell us exactly what you plan on cutting. Talking about earmark reform or pork (which accounts for a sliver of a fraction of the overall budget) isn't an answer. Just how exactly do you plan on cutting back the major expenditures in the Federal budget, such as Medicare & Medicaid (23% of budget), Social Security (21% of budget), or Defense (21% of budget)? Apparently cutting the amount the defense budget increases from 15% to 4% is apparently too draconian for the Republicans. How do you plan on convincing the elderly or poor that they should vote for you after slashing Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid?

Until you can convince the American people that they need to receive drastically less services from the federal government (ie, the "you are on your own" theory of government), then you have to face the reality that these programs aren't vanishing.

I mean, why do you think McCain kept talking about earmarks during the '08 campaign, rather than talking about a coherant vision for what a smaller government would really look like for the millions of citizens in this country.

The reality of it is that GOPs vision of smaller government isn't any different than the Democrats. The real difference is where they spend the money... which is to whatever pleases their constituents.

Hence, the song remains the same and the Republicans continue cementing themselves into minority status.

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