Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Great quote about Game Mastering from Dreaming Cities

If you want your players to think you are the best Game Master in the world, you only have one option: cheat, and cheat often. Never make a single dice roll without thinking to yourself, “Hmmm ... if I cheat and change the result of this roll, will I make it a better game?” In the games of Game Mastering and roleplaying, there are no rules about “being fair,” “sticking to the dice roll,” or “being honest with the players.” There is only one rule: make your game the best it can be. As Einstein once said, “Gott w├╝rfelt nicht (God does not play dice),” and neither should you. Dice are only a tool to suggest how you should make up your mind. You make the decisions, not the dice.

-- BESM Dreaming Cities, page 115

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