Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST Thoughts from What Kate Did (6x03)

I hate Kate, and even though it was a Kate-centric episode, I loved it. New answers about the mythology were injected into the story (the sickness), the characters were 100% believable, a few actors pulled off some amazing scenes (Sawyer in this case), and Kate didn't make me want to kill her during every scene she was in. Heck, I even liked this episode better than the premiere.

Specific comments:

Damn, Josh Holloway has risen to the status of one of the best actors this entire season. (Welcome to the club that Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson have dominated all this time.) His performance as Sawyer has been simply amazing in both the premiere and this episode. The scene where he blames himself for Juliet's death and throws the ring into the water was probably the best scene I've ever seen the guy do. Simply amazing.

My guess is that being claimed is the same as what Rousseau described as catching "the sickness". Remember how her husband tried to kill her after having gone under the Temple? I'm willing to bet it's the same thing, and the outstanding question is how Claire became one of the claimed/sick.

I'd like to say that Ethan existing in the 2004 bizzaro world is evidence of the nuke not killing everyone, but it could have been that Amy and infant Ethan left via the sub when Chang evacuated the island. Presumably if that happened, Ethan is somehow called back to the island as a teenager, as seen in Ben's flashbacks.

I'm definitely looking forward to next episode. If a Kate episode was good, you know the next one is going to be great!

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