Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More LOST predictions!

I already blew my prediction about the Whispers and most likely my answer about Smokey is dead wrong.

Let's try more predictions before the third hour of Season 6 starts tonight...

Jughead sinking the island
While detonating Jughead set off the chain of events that resulted in the island being submerged, I don't think that happened immediately after the bomb exploded. Detonating Jughead probably set off a chain of events that triggered whatever sunk the island. The best way to confirm that would be seeing an Other or a Dharma person in the 2004 bizzaro world, and I'm optimistic that we'll see Ben in bizzaro world. He's too popular a character to not have an even more convoluted backstory. :) Of course, that just my ten cents and if my track record is correct, I'll be proven wrong during the next episode. ;)

At this point, anything is possible why my favorite torturer is back from the dead. Presumably the healing waters did it, but the dirty water means there are "complications". Who knows? My only guess is that Alpert's line in 1977 about losing one's innocence, not remembering, etc. will apply to Sayid.

Since I believe that Widmore & crew left the island before it was submerged, I think Penny is alive... and hopefully married to Desmond, given that he wore a wedding ring on flight 815 in the 2004 bizzaro world.

I think his "uniqueness" means that he'll become aware of the different timelines, perhaps by waking up in 2007 and realizing that the 2004 bizzaro world exists... just like what happened in Season 5. While he is only a guest star this season and not a regular, he'll probably be in the background while the character drama/soap opera of the main characters play out, and then he'll Suddenly-Appear-to-Mention-the-Important-Plot-Device, and then die or receed into the background. You know, just like Daniel did in Season 5.

I also think Desmond will physically flash between both timelines, so one moment he is on the plane in bizzaro world, and the next he's physically in 2007, and then he flashes back to bizzaro world...

Cassidy & Clementine
Wouldn't it be surreal if bizzaro James Ford is actually living with Cassidy & Clementine in a normal life, but working for law enforcement as an undercover agent who tracks down people like Anthony Cooper and other con men? Given Juliet's line about going for coffee, odds are against it.

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