Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Others can't be trusted. News at 11.

I'm amazed that people are complaining about how the Others are acting in Season 6. Hello? Did you watch Seasons 2 and 3? Don't you remember how The Others in those seasons constantly attacked and betrayed the survivors while *always* saying that they were the good guys or that the survivors needed to trust them?

The big difference between Season 3 and 6 is that the survivors (like Jack) aren't putting up with the bullshit by the Others this season. When they wanted Sayid to go with them privately, Jack put up a fight after the Others wouldn't answer his questions. Same with the pill. Saying, "Trust us" isn't enough to get Jack to hand an unknown pill to Sayid.

Back in Season 3, Jack & crew would whine about the others and sit there and accept it when the Others got angry. Take Danny Pickett for example. He got pissed off because Sun shot his wife, yet at no point did Jack or any of the survivors say, "Gee, I guess you shouldn't have attacked us, then. I mean, what do you expect when you attack us? Isn't that exactly how you react to us? Turnabout seems like fair play to me."

If Jack (or Sawyer... or Kate) said that back on Hydra Island, I'd have liked the first half of Season 3 so much better...

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