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Pre-Season 6 Predictions regarding LOST

As of right now, there is just under 29 hours until the Season 6 premiere of Lost, probably the best television show I've ever seen. If you don't know, the name of the show doesn't refer to the characters being physically lost, but the viewer being lost in trying to decipher the narrative. In theory, the conclusion of the final season will either provide a extremely satisfying conclusion (similar to how Battlestar Galactica ended), or it will rapidly collapse after being revealed to be a shifting house of cards (like how the X-Files ended). If this show goes the X-Files route, IMO, it will be the single biggest dissapointment in TV history. I'm optimistic that they are aiming for a great ending, but it ain't over until it's over.

That said, given that their advertising campaign is swearing up and down that (in a booming voice) "answers will be revealed!", I assume that the major questions that have arisen from the Jungle of Mystery will be addressed in Season 6. Half of fun of the show is the cerebral exercise of trying to figure out what the hell is going on, so while I also expect answers to things like, "Who shot at Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, etc. while in the the canoe in Season 5", but I'm really interested in the answers that tie directly into the mythology of the show. The numbers, smoke monster, why Desmonds is so special, etc.

As such, I figured it would be a good idea to post my guesses regarding what is happening on the show. Odds are, I'll be proven wrong in just 29 hours...

Question: What's the connection between the Swan and Orchid sites? Why do they have massive pockets of electromagnetic energy, and why are they linked
My Theory: That's where Jacob and the MIB are buried. They are already dead, and they simply manifest as various ghosts. (Somehow I doubt there is a charred corpse for Jacob in the fireplace, or that the campfire was an instant-cremation device.)

Question: Why was it so difficult for the MIB to kill Jacob?
My Theory: Jacob and the MIB can only die (or in this case, "cease being ghosts") under certain specific circumstances. MIB managed to fufill Jacob's requirement (to be murdered by a leader of the Others). The main characters will end up killing the MIB in Season 6.

Question: What the the Whispers?
My Theory: It's heard whenever Jacob and the MIB are nearby and before they manifest.

Question: Why did Jacob touch a handful of 815 survivors (John, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Jin, Sun)?
My Theory: Everyone Jacob touched is a "candidate", which will ultimately take Jacob's place as the leader of the others and spiritual master of the Island.

Question: What the heck are "candidates" for?
My Theory: I think that the island always needs a guardian and a rival, and since Jacob's 'reign' ended in 2007, the MIB's will end by the time the season ends. Both of them will ultimately be replaced by one of the main cast. (Locke or Jack to fill Jacob's shoes; and Ben or Sawyer to fill MIB's shoes.)

Question: Who is Christian Sheppard?
My Theory: Beyond Jack's dead father? The guy walking around looking like Christian is a manifestation of either Jacob or MIB. Most likely the MIB.

Question: What is the Smoke Monster
My Theory: The monster is someone who screwed up his chance for redemption a long time ago. Just as Jacob made Richard ageless, he made the other guy the Smoke Monster. His job is to be the defense mechanism for the island, protecting the Temple, judging those who might be worthy, and obeying Jacob. Like my theory on Jacob and MIB, I believe this person will be released from service and then replaced by one of the main cast. (My guess is Ben Linus or Sayid.)

Question: What is the Temple?
My Theory: It's the only spot on the island which is not only safe, but purposfully beyond the reach of Jacob and the MIB. They agreed that those in the Temple were not to be used as tools in their conflict against each other, so that's why the innocent (Cindy, Zack and Emma, etc.) were kidnapped and taken there, rather than enduring the rampaging Smoke Monster and the machinations of the other denizens of the island. When Jacob dies, the agreement between him and the MIB regarding the Temple ceases to exist, and thus everyone in the Temple is in danger from the MIB in Season 6.

Question: What is going on with pregnant women post-1977?
My Theory: I don't think it was caused by the destruction of the statue, given how it wasn't around in the 70's. I believe the problem regarding delivering children on the island started after The Incident (after both the Swan and Orchid released a huge amount of electromagnetic energy). The events of the Incident triggered something, most likely angering the MIB enough to have him cause the problem in the first place. He doesn't like people on the island, so why not prevent children being born? Perhaps he damaged a sacred spot of Tawret's that requires the main cast to either restore this place, or perhaps "killing" the MIB will restore the natural order. Regardless, the main cast will do something during Season 6 to allow children to be born on the island again.

Question: What happened to Claire?
My Theory: When Ben turned the wheel and the main cast started jumping through time, she didn't. She found herself alone on the island, and living a life almost identical to Russeau for over three years (2004-2007). The rest of the main cast will find her living in the jungle, as hard-core as Russeau was. As an added bonus, she'll blame them for taking Aaron and leaving her. With luck, Kate will step in a bear trap that Claire set.

Question: What the heck are the Numbers?
My Theory: I don't expect a clear answer on this. What we know is that those who are exposed to the numbers and do not or cannot reach the island (like Leonard Sims) are slowly driven crazy. Those who deliberately use the numbers (like Hurley or Sam Toomey) are plagued with bad luck until they either make it to the island or are driven insane. My guess is that if Sam Toomey had gotten on a boat or plane after using the numbers, he would have ended up on the island. Regardless, we know that the numbers are mentally corrosive and has driven numerous people who are exposed to them nearly went crazy (Hurley and Desmond), over-the-deep-end crazy (Leonard Sims), or suicidal (Radzinski, Sam Toomey).

As for why the numbers are in the show (beyond a neat coincidence), is that they are most likely linked to however Jacob summons people to the island. I imagine there will be a structure on the island with the numbers on them, most likely under the Temple, guarded by the Smoke Monster.

Question: Why is Desmond uniquely and miraculously special?
My Theory: Desmond is the key to the entire show happening, as 815 would have never crashed without him failing to press the button, however he is special for reasons beyond just this event. Desmond is uniquely and miraculously special in regards to time travel, because he turned the fail-safe key and was exposed to the massive discharge of electromagnetic energy under the Swan.

This blast of electromagnetic energy changed his relationship to time, allowing him to not only experience precognatitive flashes (such as Charlie's death or of Locke's speech), but to twice project backwards in time (once after he turned the key, and the other when Lapidus couldn't exactly follow the course Faraday gave him.) He also appears to be the only time-traveller who has successfully found his Constant. Desmond alone appears to have survived the process of time travel without serious side-effects, unlike Faraday, Theresa, Minkowski, Brandon (the guy on the raft with Minkowski) and the cast of main characters who were left behind on the island as it skipped throughout time in Season 5.

In fact, turning the fail-safe key appears to be the defining moment of his life. Due to this one event, the island has influenced his destiny (before and after turning the key), similar to how the Island prevented Michael from killing himself off the island. The Island (which is virtually the same thing as saying "destiny") insured that he had the desire to sail across the ocean (to get his honor back from Widmore), to obtain a boat (miraculously given to him by Libby), to crash on the island and push the buttom (in order to learn about the failsafe), to cause the Oceanic 815 to crash on the island by causing the system failure, was unable to escape the island even after he got his boat back, and ultimately was shown the printout from the Pearl Station to convince him of the need to throw the failsafe key.

Similarly, I expect Seasion 6 to involve an alternate timeline, where the button was never needed, and Desmond never crashed on the island and Oceanic 815 safely landed in LAX. When this alternate timeline occurs, I expect Desmond to be the only person aware that the timeline is different. Unaware of

The lives of the rest of the main characters (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc.) will be much like their lives in Season 4, a complete wreck for having not gone to the island. I expect them to encounter something (Jacob? Desmond?) that allows them to witness how much their lives have fallen apart and then are presented the choice to correct the timeline to it's proper course.

So, Desmond is special because his unique experiences in time travel mean that he is the only one who can allow the 815 passengers the choice to reset the timeline to it's proper course.

Other than that, I'd like to know what the backstory is with the Black Rock, Richard Alpert, why Walt is special, or why Miles talk to dead people. I expect answers about Richard Alpert (and lord knows what they are), and most likely we'll learn about the Black Rock, but I'm not holding my breath about the rest. I'd love to know why Walt was special or the reason for Miles' ghost whisperer powers, but just like trying to figure out where all these Dharma stations get their electricity, I don't expect any answers in that department.

Anyway, the episode will be released soon enough, and the season will come to an end after nineteen hours of new material comes to a conclusion. We shall see exactly how wrong I am. Given my previous track record, I'm probably going to be proven wrong after the first ten minutes. ;)

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