Monday, March 22, 2010

Irrational anger appears as American as apple pie

The irrational anger from the minority party (like the Dems during Bush or the GOP now) is always stunning to me, as it shows how hypocritical we are as a people. For instance, I have a hard time sympathizing with individuals who believe that the current administration is tyrannical and oppressive, when just a few years ago many of them were fine with the last administration discarding haebeus corpus, centralizing our intelligence agencies, supporting wiretapping on American citizens, and organizing our national security apparatus to a degree never seen before in the past (DHS). If Obama did any of the above, there would be irrational cries of "Communist Tyrant!" on FOX News, just like MSNBC howled "Fascist Tyrant!" when Bush was in office. It's that irrational hypocrisy that makes me concerned for the future of our republic.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guess who is coming to the island?

I bet it's the Dharma Initiative, Widmore & Hawking.

We also know that Hawking is in fact running a Dharma station and that Widmore is a zillionaire. I'm willing to bet that after The Incident, Jacob told them to leave the island and do what we've seen during the past 5 seasons.

We know the Dharma Initiative on the island was gassed and killed, but what about the ones back in Ann Arbor? I'm willing to bet there are the hard core Razinsky-types, who won't tolerate dealing with the Hostiles... and there are the Chang-types who are willing to work with zillionaire Widmore and Hawking (who was the leader of the Hostiles at the time). We all know what happened to the Razinksy-types (either gassed or left pushing the button), but I'm willing to bet that the off-island DI was willing to cut a deal with Widmore when he showed up post-purge.

Jacob, Desmond and #108 Wallace

I'm going out here on a limb, but I'm guessing that Jacob is Desmond's father, as well as the individual listed as "108 Wallace" in the Lighthouse.

In The Subsitute (6x04), we learned that the candidates are here to replace Jacob and that all of the ones written on the cave ceiling have the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) in front of their name. We also know that the show has always made a big deal about the numbers adding up to 108. (The obvious example being that every 108 minutes the numbers must by typed in and the button pushed.)

We learned in the Lighthouse (6x05) that the name written next to #108 was someone named Wallace. Given the signficance of #108 and what little time there is to introduce a whole new character into the show for us to care about, odds are Mr. Wallace is someone we've already seen. Virtually every character in the story has a first and last name, however Jacob would certainly be a notable exception.

Speaking of Jacob, I wanted to touch on Desmond.

Before Desmond broke off his relationship with Ruth, we don't know anything about his past, beyond that his father "died" when Desmond was young and he spent his time taking care of his brothers rather than going to school. Given that the show has gone to great lengths to show how unique and special Desmond is, I think there is a link between Jacob Wallace and Desmond David Hume.

I believe that the reason Desmond is unique and miraculously special is explained by him being Jacob's son.

Mind you, this is a wild ass guess, baced on Wallace being a scottish name and the lack of info on Desmond's past, but it seems like a reasonable wild ass guess to me. ;)