Monday, March 22, 2010

Irrational anger appears as American as apple pie

The irrational anger from the minority party (like the Dems during Bush or the GOP now) is always stunning to me, as it shows how hypocritical we are as a people. For instance, I have a hard time sympathizing with individuals who believe that the current administration is tyrannical and oppressive, when just a few years ago many of them were fine with the last administration discarding haebeus corpus, centralizing our intelligence agencies, supporting wiretapping on American citizens, and organizing our national security apparatus to a degree never seen before in the past (DHS). If Obama did any of the above, there would be irrational cries of "Communist Tyrant!" on FOX News, just like MSNBC howled "Fascist Tyrant!" when Bush was in office. It's that irrational hypocrisy that makes me concerned for the future of our republic.

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