Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST Prediction Accuracy ...

Let's see...

I was wrong about the Swan and Orchid being the sites where Jacob and MIB are buried. I was wrong about what the Whispers are, that Ben was "claimed", Kate's number being significant.

I was wrong that Desmond was married to Penny in the 2004 bizzaro world, but that was based off the fact that he wore a wedding ring in the premiere and didn't in subsequent episodes. (ie, it was a production goof.)

I was wrong about the "the sickness", mainly as everything we've learned about it has been completely contradictory. Russeau's husband, Claire, and Sayid have had different reactions to "the sickness"/"being claimed", and honestly, neither Claire or Sayid's behavior line up with what Dogen said or how Russeau's husband acted.

I was wrong that James Ford would be married to Cassidy and still be Clementine's father, but I was right that he worked for law enforcement as an undercover agent who tracks down people like Anthony Cooper and other con men.

I was wrong that the Dharma Initiative & Hawking were coming back to the island, but I was right that it was Widmore. I guess the Widmore's science bozo's don't count as Dharma Initiative, although they have the same Keystone Cops routine down.

I'm pretty sure that while we don't know why the island sank in the 2004 bizzaro world, the fact that Ethan Goodspeed and Dr. Pierre Chang (who were on the island when the bomb exploded) are still alive validates my theory that Jughead wasn't responsible for the island sinking.

I was right about why Jacob touched some of the main characters, what it means to be a Candidate, who Christian Sheppard is/was, Claire, the Numbers, the Temple, and Desmond becoming aware of both timelines.

Jury is still out on what the smoke monster is, what it takes to kill him, why Desmond is so special, how Sayid came back to life, who Invisible Jungle Ghost Kid is, who Widmore is working for (my money is with MIB), or if #108 Wallace is important. We still don't know who shot at Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, etc. while in the the canoe in Season 5. Nor why pregnant women (and their children) die in childbirth post-1977.

All in all, not bad.

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