Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alone in the Dark (Sci Fi Survival Horror)

Alone in the Dark (Sci Fi Survival Horror)

"This doesn’t make any sense. Guys? What happened here?"

Setting: All communication has ceased from MR-372, a thriving colony world far on the edge of explored space. There were billions of credits worth of equipment, manpower, and development tied up in MR-372 and not a single corporation or the government was willing to walk away without knowing exactly what happened to their investments and thousands of colonists. When an automated distress signal was suddenly received by Earth's monitoring stations, it became quite obvious that the problems on MR-372 were far more serious than faulty transmitters. Even worse, given the amount of time it takes for messages to travel through the vastness of space, the message was nearly three months old by the time Earth received the distress call. Nobody knows what the crew of the Esperanza will discover when it arrives at MR-372.

Characters: PCs will be comprised of small advanced recon team made up of soldiers and technical experts, given specific instructions to discover what has happened to the colony and alert Earth.

Game System: GURPS or Unisystem

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