Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Covenant (Dark Ages Occult)

The Covenant (Dark Ages Occult)

"Only wizards walk unafraid in the revenant-haunted and wolf-infested night."

Setting: It is a world lit by torch-fires and ruled by superstitions, where humanity does not have dominion over every corner of the world. It is a time when medieval folk beliefs and superstitions are correct: lost children are really abducted by Faeries, sickness and crop failure are caused by Demons, Angels help the righteous, and dragons and other mythical creatures exist. Treading in the shadows of the world, consorting with spirits and monsters, these magicians, wield unfathomable magic in a world veiled in mystery.

Characters: PCs will be wizards who have recently completed their apprenticeship and now look to find an unclaimed place of power, establish a sanctuary, and defend it from the darkness.

Game System: Dark Ages: Mage, Ars Magica, or GURPS

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