Monday, September 20, 2010

Third response

The third response from one of the players was tempered by the fact that he knew what the first two results were. (He talked to them...) So, he knew that the Covenant, Price of Power and Ultraviolet Paranoia were rated a one or zero, so he didn't bother voting for them. He also rated A Touch of Madness a zero and Legacy of Fire a one, so we now have five campaigns that are not in the running.

Gamma World and a Superheroes game were the highest rated (both threes), followed by a "high two" Northern Crown, and a two all of the sci-fi games. Looking at the sci-fi options (Star Wars w/ lightsabers, Alone in the Dark, and Freetrader Beowulf), he was of the opinion that they could be refocused as Star Wars campaigns. For example, perhaps the PCs are Jedis sent to a world where the Republic has lost contact with in Alone in the Dark.

Regardless here are his ratings:

3 - Gamma World (Post Apocalyptic gaming)
3 - Superheroes
2.5 - Northern Crown (Colonial Fantasy)
2 - Star Wars w/ Lightsabers
2 - Alone in the Dark (Star Wars)
2 - Free Trader Beowulf (Star Wars)
1 - Legacy of Fire (Sand, Sword and Sorcery)
0 - A Touch of Madness (Urban Fantasy)
x - The Covenant (Dark Ages Occult)
x - The Price of Power (Modern Occult)
x - Ultraviolet Paranoia (Conspiratorial Humor)

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