Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Touch of Madness (Urban Fantasy)

A Touch of Madness (Urban Fantasy)

"Kidnapped, transformed, and kept as a slave or pet - but you’ve managed to escape… for now. "

Setting: Stolen away from your human life, you spent what seemed like years or even centuries in Arcadia, chattel to beautiful but inhuman lords and ladies. Fed on faerie food and drink, you gradually became more like the fae themselves, your body shifting slightly to reflect your role. You, however, managed to escape. Holding on to your memories of home, you found your way through the winding thorns of the Hedge, the barrier between the mortal world and time-twisted Faerie. You return, however, was all too bittersweet. Some come back 20 years after they’d first vanished, even though it had never seemed that long to them in Faerie. Others who had reached adulthood in Arcadia found that they returned only a few hours after their abduction. And almost all found, horribly enough, that they weren’t missed. Left in the stead of each abducted changeling was a replica, a simulacrum, a thing that looked like him or her — but wasn’t. Now, with inhuman strangers living their lives and nowhere to go, the Lost must find their own way in the world that was stolen from them.

Characters: PCs will be comprised of Changelings who have returned to Earth after being abducted and enslaved by the inhuman fae. PCs will deal with issues of trust, insanity, and the ramifications of other Lost doing whatever it takes to survive and not be drug back to Arcadia… by whatever means necessary.

Game System: Changeling: the Lost

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