Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ultraviolet Paranoia (Conspiratorial Humor)

Ultraviolet Paranoia (Conspiratorial Humor)

"You’re responsible for this disaster, unless you can pin the blame on someone else."

Setting: You are a High Programmer, trusted to administer Alpha Complex and even program The Computer itself. You are not alone. You are part of a committee of High Programmers. Your duties are to solve crises, eliminate traitors and make everyone happy. Happiness is Mandatory. The Computer says so. If people are not happy, this too is your fault and The Computer will use you as reactor shielding. To solve crises, you have lots of flunkies, servants, spies, agents, minions and Troubleshooters. Many of these are Communists, mutants and traitors who cause yet more crises. Once again, this is your fault. Your only chance to survive is blame everything on the other High Programmers. They probably deserve it, anyway.

Characters: PCs are the elite of a high-tech dystopia, and focuses on the political plotting and infighting that dominates their lives.

Game System: Paranoia

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