Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'd rather Occupy Reality

IMO, if the "Occupy Fill-In-The-Blank" groups generates enough momentum to keep going, then it stands a very good chance of becoming the liberal version of the Tea Party. If that happens, the Democratic party will be thrilled.

Unfortunately, while I think a liberal Tea Party would be good for non-moderate Democrats, it would be the death knell for moderates and would make the situation in DC even worse. It would drive the Democratic party even further to the extremes, in the same way the Tea Party has done to the already obstinant Republican party. Thus, more gridlock, nothing get done, and the folks who blame the government for not functioning will (ironically) turn to the GOP who have this belief as one of their party planks.

I certainly won't deny that a liberal Tea Party would be great for motivating Democrats and driving out the vote (and that is absolutely critical for winning elections... and Obama would really need support from those folks), but it's ground zero for inconsistent and incoherent messages that don't even really connect with the political and economic realities that we need politicians to deal with. Right now, there are way too many people wanting to legislate via slogans and not reality. We don't need more people babbling how taxing CEOs & the top 1% as well as ending both wars will solve our budget problems (when it would barely make a dent in it), just we don't need Tea Party types ranting about how eliminating taxes magically creates jobs and how a giant wall between Mexico and the US would end our immigration and drug war problems (they won't).

We need more rational people and less hyperbole and bullshit.

What we need to do is raise taxes across the board, and cut the major expenditures in our budget (cut the military, medicare, medicaid, and raise the age you draw social security). Unfortunately, that requires killing the sacred cows of both parties, which Occupy/Tea Parties would never stand for. So, you know how well that will fly. It won't, but at least the people will enjoy feeling like they are doing something by yelling and holding a sign rather than trying to actually deal with the problem, all the while talking how when they "rock the vote" then "everything will be different". Surely once they "change Washington/Wall Street", everything will be magically better and jobs will appear in the millions...

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