Tuesday, April 3, 2012

McCain was Super-Charismatic?

I'm reading Politico and I stumble on this nugget of wisdom:

“If you’re a super-charismatic candidate like George W. Bush or John McCain, they both ran without a real bold agenda,” the adviser continued. “They had other, more emotional-level, values-level ways to connect with voters. [Romney] just doesn’t have it. He has all the warmth of a Wall Street CEO.”

Seriously? John McCain was super-charismatic? I can't even wrap my mind around that sentence.

I might disagree with the politics of George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, but they certainly had charisma. Romney is clearly in the mold of Dole and McCain, which tends to be the "Elder statesman Republican establishment candidate who has finally endured losing enough primaries/elections until it was finally his turn to step up to bat." Bush Sr. would have fit that mold of boring elder technocrat, except as the VP, he got to run with the mantle of a charismatic outgoing president (Reagan) and against another boring elder technocrat for the Democrats (Dukakis). When Bush Sr. ran up against a charismatic Democrat (Clinton), he was clobbered.

Anyway, I don't want to suggest that charisma defines political elections, but I was certainly boggled by any description of McCain as super-charismatic. I mean, that is crazy speak, IMO. ;)

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