Saturday, August 4, 2012

Facts and Tax Plans

It's bad enough to say how you are going to fix the problems in your economic plan by cutting tax loopholes... while not being able to identify a single loophole you would cut... but it's another when a group of ta experts that support you politically point out that your tax plan is really about supporting the rich to get richer.

Tax experts — including one who supports Romney’s plan — say the Republican presidential candidate’s promise to cut individual income tax rates without either favoring the wealthy or losing revenue isn’t mathematically possible. 
That’s the conclusion of the Tax Policy Center in a report the Romney campaign attacked as “biased” (although the campaign previously praised the TPC as “objective,” when it issued a report critical of a rival’s tax plan). 
And it’s also the conclusion of an expert from the pro-business Tax Foundation, who states that the Tax Policy Center analysis “correctly identified the Romney plan as a tax cut, at least in static terms, that accrues mainly to high-income earners.”

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